Square On Square Floor Grate 100mm Connection



$79.00 AUD
The Bounty Square on Square Floor Grate range offers clean lines and superior durability that only 316 Stainless Steel can deliver. Incorporating our industry leading Megaflex leak control flange and undercap mortar exclusion device, it ensures a total solution for your project. Perfect installation is no longer impossible with the adjustability of height and tilt while enabling positive engagement with your waterproof membrane for a total peace of mind. No longer will you be forced to use a round waste in a square body that just does not fit with the design aesthetic of your project. No more square pegs in round holes! The Bounty Square on Square Mega Floor Grate delivers a true square floor grate.
Made from 316 stainless steel Connection size - 100mm Face dimension - 110mm x 110mm