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Whether you're looking at replacing a couple of mixers or starting from scratch with a new home, adding a few useful accessories or undertaking a major renovation, we give you the perfect starting place for your project. Every category contains valuable information and inspirational design tips from our wonderful designers, giving you the information you need to embark on your own design journey.

When you've had time to browse our ranges and read through the tips, drop us a line. Let our designers and consultants help you through the design and selection process that will make your new bathroom truly spectacular. Click here to connect with our customer experience team.


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What should you consider when choosing bathroom supplies?

Bathrooms are one of the most important and used rooms in the house, so choosing the right bathroom furniture and accessories is crucial. The first thing to consider when choosing supplies is how many people will use the room and for what purpose. Small guest bathrooms do not require a free-standing bathtub, while a large family bathroom will need additional bathroom supplies to accommodate the extra use. Secondly, you will also need to consider your budget, preferred design style and the brands and quality of the furniture and accessories that you are choosing.

How do you choose bathroom accessories to suit your bathroom?

There is always an element of personal preference involved when choosing bathroom designs. It is prudent to select a style in keeping with any existing aesthetic. Traditional sinks may clash with black minimalist tapware, and minimalist bathroom designs may look odd if paired with elegant, classical accessories. If you’re ever in doubt however, just ask our team. We know our way around bathrooms and are always happy to offer design advice and suggest suitable products for your bathroom.

What are the different colours of taps that Bathroom Warehouse offers?

Bathroom Warehouse has a wide range of different coloured taps so you will always find something to suit your ideal bathroom sets. Stainless steel, brushed nickel and chrome are timeless and neutral choices for any bathroom whether traditional, contemporary or industrial. They are also great choices for kitchens as they can blend in with other stainless steel appliances like kettles and toasters. Black or gunmetal taps add contrast in lighter bathrooms, while brushed brass, champagne and bronze are elegant colour choices that are often used in a luxurious, classically styled master bathroom.

What are the different types of bathroom sinks that Bathroom Warehouse offers?

When looking at sinks you have a choice of not only the colour and style but also in how the basin is mounted. Bathroom basins can sit on top of the counter, be free-standing, hung from the wall or built into the vanity. Inset basins are what most people think of in a bathroom sink. Semi-recessed sinks overhang at the front of the vanity, while undermount basins sit below the benchtop for a sleek, modern and minimalist bathroom style.

We recommend choosing a bathroom basin at the same time as a bathroom vanity so you can make sure both are compatible. The last thing you want is to fall in love with bathroom furniture that doesn’t fit the basin you just bought!

What accessories do you need for your bathroom?

Depending on your bathroom size and how often it gets used, the bathroom supplies you need will vary. At a minimum, most bathrooms will need a basin and toilet, and then either a bathtub or shower. It is common for larger, master bathrooms to have both a bathtub and separate standing shower. Bathroom Warehouse also has a large range of bathroom accessories. Towel rails, soap holders and toilet tissue holders are the finishing touches that make your bathroom more comfortable to use. Our accessories come in a range of colours and styles to allow you to match and complement your existing bathroom designs.

How do you best care for your toilet?

The toilet is one of the most important parts of your bathroom suite and is surprisingly easy to care for. First and most importantly, only flush toilet paper and bodily waste. Do not flush hygiene products, paper towels, food or anything that hardens when it dries. Clean the toilet bowl regularly with a disinfectant toilet cleaner while wearing rubber gloves and occasionally spray the rest of the toilet with disinfectant. Should your toilet start leaking, call a plumber immediately. Not only will this keep your bathroom hygienic, but it will also help lengthen the lifespan of your toilet.

Does Bathroom Warehouse only sell products for bathrooms?

Not at all! While Bathroom Warehouse focuses on bathroom furniture and accessories, we also have a range of sinks specifically tailored towards use in the kitchen, as well as laundry sinks, tubs and cabinets for the utility room. These sinks are often made from stainless steel and kitchen sinks come with a drainer that you won't find on bathroom options. While you can mix and match tapware with bathroom options, our laundry and kitchen tapware is specifically designed to be practical and durable.

How long does it take for a heated towel rail to warm up?

Heated towel rails can add that extra touch of luxury to bathroom sets. At Bathroom Warehouse we have a range of electrically heated towel rails so you always have a toasty warm and dry towel waiting when you get out of the shower. Electrically heated rails warm up quickly – most will only take around 5 minutes. This means you can turn the rail on when you get into the shower rather than leaving it to heat up an hour before. Larger towel rails generally require more energy and cost more to run, so there is no need for a 10-bar towel rail in a single bedroom house.

The exception is our liquid filled heated towel rails that will take closer to an hour to reach the optimum temperature. While they take longer to warm up, these rails run at a higher temperature, so they also help to add heat to the room, effectively acting as a radiator.

Why choose Bathroom Warehouse?

If you’re looking for best brands at the best prices, Bathroom Warehouse is the place to go. We’ve been supplying high-quality bathroom furniture, accessories, tapware, sinks and much more to the whole of Australia for over 20 years. We offer great prices with the chance to find real bargains in our clearance bin, and most items are shipped on the same day you order them. With excellent service, you are always welcome to contact us for advice, whether that is on how to replicate your favourite bathroom designs or for product-specifics like the power draw and mounting points of an exhaust fan. Our friendly and helpful team are always on hand, so get in touch with us today at Bathroom Warehouse.