Aveo Stone Basin

Aveo Stone Basin

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The Aveo stone basin combines elegance and style and will add a unique look to the bathroom. This basin will be perfect for tiny spaces or great when used in pairs for larger bathrooms. This basin was designed to complement the Vogue stone bath.
Dimensions: 600mm x 320mm x 145mm

Kaskade stone basins are made from 50% Refined Scandinavian Limestone and 50% High Grade Resin.
It is moulded, reinforced, cured and polished, and harder and more durable than acrylic, with an easy clean matt finish.

Waste and tapware sold separately.

Note: The turnaround time for Kaskade orders is 2-3 weeks. However, please consult with your nearest store.

Do not use harsh cleaners, bleaches or abrasives.  Clean only with warm soapy water.