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Choosing Basins For Your Bathroom

As you design your bathroom and choose the style of your basins there are several installation options you’ll want to consider.

Most bathroom basins in Australia are available with a choice of one or three tap holes. However, the modern designs usually showcase one tap hole basins that require the use of a basin mixer.

Here are some basin types that could add both flair and functionality to your bathroom.

Above Counter Basins

The above counter basins are freestanding basins that sit on the counter and serve as a dramatic center piece for the bathroom. These basins accentuate the movement of water and are often easy to install. Boasting sleek, angular lines and either a shallow or deep design, these above counter basins add a peaceful, spa environment with their minimalist style.

Inset Basins

Inset basins, also known as under counter wash basins, are available in square, round, and even in flower shaped designs. These basins have slim walls and softened edges. Inset basins are available with and without tap holes. With their soft look and minimalist style, they offer an understated designer look with a 'less is more' approach.

Drop In Basins

These simple but elegant basins are designed for general purpose use. Available in square, rectangular and elliptical styles and made out of durable vitreous china, these basins are designed for maximum life and look great in any modern or traditional bathroom.

Undermount Basins

Showcasing the beauty and smoothness of vitreous china, these undermount basins make an elegant statement in a variety of bathroom decors. Designed for a sleek look, they can also be paired with a range of fixtures for a complete bathroom vanity. The vitreous china construction ensures maximum life.

Semi-Recessed Basins

You can choose between square and traditional semi-recessed basins which are ideal for both residential or commercial application. Boasting sleek and clean lines, these semi-recessed basins are designed for a slimmer style vanity when bathroom space is tight. The vitreous china construction ensures strength and durability, while the design allows for low maintenance and is suitable for granite, marble, caesarstone, timber or composite bench tops.

Pedestal And Wall Basins

These wall basins are fixed directly to the wall and are ideal for saving space. Offering a minimalist look to the bathroom, the basins can be enhanced with pedestals and shrouds to add style to the bathroom as well as to conceal plumbing.

Stone Basins

Bring an Italian touch to your bathroom with stone basins. High on form and functionality, these luxurious, carved, sculpted and polished stone basins flaunt an elegant and expressive design.

Glass Basins

Glass vessel basins are ideal for a modern bathroom and compliment a range of decors. Easy to clean and maintain, these basins can be paired with a choice of tapware, pedestals and fixtures for a complete bathroom vanity.

How are Platine Stone Basins Made?

Refining Raw Materials
The basins' essential ingredient is limestone. We are resolute that only the purest limestone is used. We use fine industrial mesh and powerful magnets to achieve this. The result is only the highest grade of limestone goes into the mix.

The Material
The material is made by mixing the refined limestone above with high grade resins. Air bubbles are removed in a high vacuum environment chamber.

Injecting Catalyst and Curing
Before the material is poured into a closed mould a catalyst is added. The catalyst is the means by which the material is hardened in a temperature-controlled environment. The top mould is removed. The bottom mould remains attached (to prevent any buckling) while the basin goes through a post curing heat tunnel for 180 minutes. This post curing process hardens the resin / limestone compound. Now using specialised hole saws the waste is drilled.

Quality Assurance Procedures
The basin is thoroughly examined for defects and uniformity of thickness throughout.

Now the basin is cleaned and highly polished.

Care and Maintenance of Stone Basins

Repairing a Scratch
If any scratches occur during installation, these can be removed by rubbing with a 1500+ grit waterproof abrasive paper and water.

Repolish the surface afterwards using a neutral automotive colour restorer or household metal polish. Deeper scratches may require a more abrasive paper to be used initially. If this is case, work your way up to 1500 grit gradually and re polish. For best results limit sanding to the smallest possible area around the scratch.

It may be possible to polish very fine scratches away without using abrasive papers by scrubbing gently with a soft brush or plastic pad (Do not use metal scouring pad) and a mildly abrasive cream cleanser. Afterwards scrub the whole area with plenty of clean water and re polish as before.

Everyday Cleaning of Your Basin
We recommend that you use a non abrasive bathroom or kitchen household cleaner for your everyday cleaning as constantly using abrasives may cause the disappearance of the satin look over a long period of time.

Should you need to clean your basin with an abrasive cleaner, as may be required occasionally, polishing with a car polish or gumption will restore the luster in your bath.

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