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Solid Timber Vanities and Vanity Units

Popular renovation TV show, The Block, recently featured a beautiful solid timber vanity in one of their renovations. The Block is right on point for current styling and high quality solid timber vanities are becoming very popular across

Mirror, Mirror...

Mirrors are an absolute necessity in any bathroom. Without a mirror, you will end up with makeup in all the wrong places or slashing your throat when you have a shave. Even brushing your hair (if you have some) is a challenge without a mirror. On top of their absolute necessity, mirrors can also make a smaller space look much bigger and add a touch of drama to any space.

Shower Screens and Panels

The glass shower screen or shower panel is an unsung hero in any bathroom that includes a shower. There are some bathroom designs that do work without a shower screen or shower panel, however these 

Toilet Suites

Toilet suites are a necessity in every home. These days there are often two or three in the house and they really don't have to be the dingy old thing you prefer to ignore, the old cracked pink thing up the path near the laundry. There are many beautifully modern designs built to compliment the rest of a supurb bathroom renovation. Or, if you are keeping to a more traditional theme, there are great options here too.

Heated Floors and Heated Towel Rails

Your bathroom is one place you really don't want to be an ice box in winter, and yet, with large tiled areas and hard surfaces, this is so often the case. There's nothing worse than stepping out of your nice warm bath or shower into a chilly room with a cold floor. Well, there may be worse things like, say, being charged by a large herd of truent wildebeest or getting a seriously ingrown toenail, but warm shower to cold room and floor is no-one's idea of fun.

Bathroom Vanities

In your new private sanctuary, or just in your ensuite or family bathroom, the bathroom vanity is a centrepiece. Whether bathroom vanities are purely functional or a design statement, they are critical for providing storage and a place to shave and do your makeup. These days, you can choose basic white, coloured or from a massive range of other finishes. 

Choosing a shower head

Wow, what a subject! And one that can leave you floundering with a shabby start or set you up for a great day. Ever see the Seinfelt episode where water pressure left them all with lank hair and bad attitudes? With Bathroomware House's huge range of showers, you'll never have to go there!

Make a statement in black

One really great current trend is towards black tapware and accessories. Black mixers, black taps, black showers, black accessories and black heated towel rails and ladders can really make a statement in a modern bathroom. A black mixer or matt black tap set, contrasting with a bright white basin, is a stunning design principle which is being seen more and more in modern quality bathroom renovations.