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Baths and Spas

If you are remodeling your bathroom and wish to add a new bath, you can choose from different bath types and spas that are available in the market. A new bath tub can transform a purely functional space into a stunning soaking spot. Here are some bath types that you can choose from depending on your taste and budget.

Free Standing Baths

Make the perfect splash with a free standing bath. These baths have plenty of area around and beneath, making the room look airy and larger than it actually is. Due to their design and style, they don't require a frame to support their structure, making installation easier. A free standing bath is a perfect luxury that can transform your daily ritual into a relaxing retreat that lets you wash away your cares and unwind at the end of a hectic day.

Porcelain Baths

Porcelain bath tubs are a common fixture in older homes, yet their unique vintage charm means that they are as much in demand today also. Their aesthetics aside, porcelain enamel baths are easy to clean and their lustrous finish lasts a lifetime. These baths are stamped out of steel and are finished with a layer of porcelain. When looked after, the finish is incredibly durable, so it is recommended that a non-abrasive liquid cleanser is used to clean them.

Acrylic Baths

Acrylic bath tubs are practical and high on utility. The vacuum-formed acrylic sheets are reinforced with fibreglass to make the tub resistant to cracking and chipping. These bath tubs are relatively inexpensive and light in weight so you don’t have to worry about the strength of your floor.

Stone Baths

Refining Raw Materials
The baths' essential ingredient is limestone with only the purest limestone being used. The manufacturers use fine industrial mesh and powerful magnets to achieve this. The result is only the highest grade of limestone goes into the mix.

The Material
The material is made by mixing the refined limestone above with high grade resins. Air bubbles are removed in a high vacuum environment chamber.

Injecting Catalyst and Curing
Before the material is poured into a closed mould a catalyst is added. The catalyst is the means by which the material is hardened in a temperature-controlled environment. The top mould is removed. The bottom mould remains attached (to prevent any buckling) while the bath goes through a post curing heat tunnel for 180 minutes. This post curing process hardens the resin / limestone compound. Using specialised hole saws, the waste is drilled.

Quality Assurance Procedures
The bath is thoroughly examined for defects and uniformity of thickness throughout.

In the final process, the bath is cleaned and highly polished.

Care and Cleaning of Cast Stone Baths

Before fitting your bath: Please remove cardboard packaging and inspect the bath.

Please note: shrinkage lines, air holes, casting marks and blemishes on the underside of the bath (where they can not be seen when the bath is turned upright) do not adversely affect performance and should not be regarded as defects.

The fitting of the bath feet and installation of the bath will be seen as acceptance of quality. We strongly recommend that you use a suitably qualified installer. We can not accept responsibility for incorrect installation.

Care and Maintenance

Regular and correct cleaning of your product will give you years of good use and it will continue to be the beautiful centrepiece of your bathroom 

Everyday Cleaning of Your Bath

  • For regular cleaning use a mild detergent. We recommend that you use a non abrasive bathroom or kitchen household cleaner for your everyday cleaning as constantly using abrasives may cause the disappearance of the satin look over a long period of time.
  • For tougher stains use a cleaner like JIF (only for matt surfaces – gloss, consult your retailer). Should you need to clean your bath with an abrasive cleaner, polishing with a car polish or gumption will restore the luster in your bath.
  • Always use a clean, soft cloth 
  • Rinse completely after washing and dry with a soft cloth; change your rinse water frequently 
  • Don't use an excessive amount of detergent or soap as it may cause streaks 
  • Do not use products which contain lemon juice, vinegar or other acids which may be contained in conventional bathroom cleaners or grout removers
  • If using dyes such as hair dye, immediately and very thoroughly rinse the bath so that NO trace is visible
  • When not in use dust with a non-treated dry duster
  • If in doubt contact your retailer.


Repairing a Scratch

If any scratches occur, these can be removed by rubbing with a 1500+ grit waterproof abrasive paper and water.

Repolish the surface afterwards using a neutral automotive colour restorer or household metal polish. Deeper scratches may require a more abrasive paper to be used initially. If this is case, work your way up to 1500 grit gradually and re polish. For best results limit sanding to the smallest possible area around the scratch.

It may be possible to polish very fine scratches away, without using abrasive papers, by scrubbing gently with a soft brush or plastic pad (do not use metal scouring pad) and a mildly abrasive cream cleanser. Afterwards scrub the whole area with plenty of clean water and re polish as before.


For a more upscale bathroom, you can choose from a range of spa baths. Simple, understated, and sophisticated, these spa baths embody all things contemporary. The architecturally influenced edges and angles ensure complete body rest and smooth water spray.

Bath Screens and Panels

Bath screens and panels are designed to complement all decors and bath accessories. Ranging from designer collections to the family friendly selection, the bath screens and panels are stylish, easy to install, easy to clean, and relatively inexpensive.

Bath Tapware

You can complement the baths and spas with tapware which is available in a range of makes and finishes. Choose from a wide array of bath tapware including spouts, water mixers, shower heads and arms that ensure beauty, affordability and practicality.

Bath Spouts

With bath tubs becoming the focal point of all bathrooms, the humble bath spout has also become a piece of pride within the bathroom space. Spouts are available in three basic styles: hob mounted, wall mounted, and floor mounted. These spouts can be used with either a mixer or traditional tap handles.

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