Important Information on Spas & Glossary of Terms

When making any purchase, particularly luxury items, there is an element of "industry jargon" and trademark terms associated with it.  This page is a resource to clarify and explain in more detail some of the terms in the products' listing.


Auto Heat Pump: AKA Heat Transfer Pump, heat from the pump motor is used to heat the water. Ecologically efficient and quiet operation. Auto Heat Pumps are fitted as standard to Platine Spas. Mount under spa or remotely.

Xtra Heat Pump: High quality upgrade from Auto Heat Pump. Integrated “Flat Plate” 700W stainless steel heater element heats the water for more consistent water temperature. Mount under spa or remotely.


Additional Extras

Air System: Independent of water pump and hydro jets. 20 small air jets on spa floor by heated blower. Requires lower water depth than hydro spa. Controlled by separate air button or upgradable controls, (see below).

Switching System: For spas with 16 Hydro Jets only. Mechanical control to redirect 8 hydro jets flow to one end only. Ideal for individual bathers in multi-bather spas. Mounted on spa bezel.

In-Spa Light: Submersible light built into the spa, controlled only by a Spa Key.



Air Button: A pneumatic control for spa and air system pumps. Air Buttons are the standard controller for all Platine spa configurations. May be upgraded to Eezi Touch Pad, Sensa Touch Pad or Spa Key Remote control. Mounted on spa bezel.

Sensa Touch Pad: Upgrade from Eezi Touch pad – electronic switch with “No Flow No Go” and 3 water heat settings. One controller to control water and air system (where applicable). Sensa Touch upgrades from Auto Heat Pump to Xtra Heat Pump. Mounted on spa bezel. Automatic upgrade to 1HP Edgetec TriFlow Xtra Heat Pump.  Sensa Touch Pad controls Hydro system and air system from one controller where applicable.

Spa Key Remote Control: Replaces all controls except Switching System.  Upgrade from Sensa Touch Pad – waterproof, floating remote control. Integrated electronic “No Flow No Go”, 3 water heat settings, air system control, control for optional underwater light. Does not need to be mounted on spa bezel. Remote caddy for wall mounting. Automatic upgrade to 1HP Edgetec TriFlow Xtra Heat Pump


No Flow No Go (NFNG): Integrated electronic pump burnout protection feature.  NFNG detects lack of water pressure, deactivating the pump, preventing premature burnout.  Ideal where children may activate pump inadvertently.

TriFlow: Patented twin and single outlet flow path to improve water pressure delivery to jets.

PermAirFlo: Maximum air injection into water jet stream, removing air vent control from spa bezel.

NoBlockSuck: Safety feature to prevent accidental injury or death in the event of spa water intake becoming blocked. Pump automatically shuts off suction in event of blockage of intake.

Hydro Jet: Aperture mounted to spa walls through which pressurised, aerated water is delivered to the bather.

Air Jet: Small aperture mounted to spa floor through which heated air is pumped.

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