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Bathroom Makeover Quick-Tips

Bathroom Makeover Quick-Tips

Bathroom Makeover Quick-Tips

You really can afford to give your bathroom or powder room a maker over. Here's how...

Adding new features such as chrome accent shelves, heated towel bars, and a dramatic mirror you can give your bathroom the face lift you've always planned on but didn't think that you could afford. You really don't need to add everything at one time. By purchasing a new toilet or installing a new bath, you can add a fresh coat of paint prior to installing them and make your bathroom look brand new. Add trimming later!

Adding pullout shelves or new cabinets are a great way to give your bathroom more usable space and also give a smaller bathroom a bigger uncluttered feel. Not all bathrooms are spacious so it's sometimes necessary to learn a few tricks and ideas in order to make that smaller area look larger. You can clean up the walls by adding a creative wainscoting with wall coverings that resemble beaded board. You can create contrast by painting the upper half of the walls a rich color while leaving the lower half white. You can find the panel board for a lot less than real beaded board and it looks exactly like it!

"A great addition to your bathroom doesn't have to be completely brand new..."

- Our Bathroom Specialists

A great addition to your bathroom doesn't have to be completely brand new. You can take your old vanity or one that you've found at a garage sale and put a great stone basin on top of it. Even a drop sink would look wonderful! You can refinish the vanity or even leave it looking aged and antique. It really depends on the style that you're going for when it comes to your overall theme.

You may or may not have a lot of room to work with, but no matter what size bathroom that you have, there are ways to make your bathroom a beautiful space that you will simply love.

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