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Get your bathroom rellie-ready

Get your bathroom rellie-ready

Are Aunt Marge and Uncle Barry coming for a visit? Are you a bit embarrassed at your tired old bathroom?

Spruce up your bathroom with a little facelift that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Without undergoing a major overhaul, there are some inexpensive and easy upgrades you could do to bring it back to life with those modern, lux feels you’ve been dreaming about.

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home so it’s important to make it a functional and comfortable space you actually enjoy spending time in. It’s also one of the best investments you can make and adds great value to your home.

Tap into Wow

Your tapware is the most heavily used gear in your bathroom and there are a few reasons it’s a good idea to update it. Is yours a bit corroded, does it drip, or is the handle falling off? Updating it can be a quick and simple thing to do and can surprisingly create that ‘wow’ factor.

We have many taps in great colours and styles that will complement every taste and budget, from classic to modern and contemporary.

Shower for Days

Nothing beats jumping in the shower after an exhausting day – unless it’s no longer working like it should. Replacing your shower arm or head is really economical and in most homes it’s as easy as unscrewing the old one and screwing on the new. If you’re a bit handy, you can install a compact twin shower which gives you the option to change between the two and leaves you with that “ahhh” feeling!

We have different colours and styles for one and all.

Accessorise Baby!

Accessories can improve the practicality and character of your space and tie the room together nicely. Choosing the right accessories will depend on the size of your bathroom, how many people use it and everyone’s bathing habits. Accessories are a cost-effective way to enhance your bathroom and are usually quick and simple to install.

We have a great range including, but not limited to, towel rails, towel holders, shower shelves, robe hooks and soap holders. You can colour match to complement your bigger bathroom items as our accessories come in matte black, brushed brass, brushed nickel, chrome, gold, gunmetal … the list goes on.

Go Big and Go Home

Not only will more significant improvements help revive your tired bathroom, they will add value to your home if you have room in the budget. Both baths and vanities are capable of creating a beautiful and bold statement that will delight every family member and leave a lasting impression on visitors.


Updating your bath can instantly transform your ordinary space into a relaxing oasis. Our baths come in different styles including back-to-wall, claw foot, freestanding and corner fit, and also in different materials, sizes and shapes. If you’d like to take it up a notch, you might fancy one of our lush spas!


There is no doubt that a good looking vanity creates an impressive focal point. It’s not just an essential item but also decorative. It can be fun deciding which style to go for, but keep in mind the amount of storage you need. Most of our freestanding and wall-hung vanities are fully customisable which means you can select your size, cabinet colour, benchtop finish, drawer handle and other options.

If your budget won’t allow for these bigger upgrades, don’t sweat it! Start by updating your smallest items or the ones showing the most wear and tear. You’ll be amazed that these smaller upgrades can still improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom. We’re sure that Aunt Marge and Uncle Barry will love the makeover!

Need Help?

We understand that it’s one thing to imagine the perfect bathroom and another to make it happen. If you need any help or advice, drop our customer experience team a line, and they will help take the guesswork out of your bathroom reno.

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