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Heated Floors and Heated Towel Rails

Heated Floors and Heated Towel Rails

Heated floors and heated towel rails

Keep your floors and towels toasty during colder days.

Heated floors and heated towel rails

Keep your floors and towels toasty during colder days.

Why choose heated floors and towel rails?

Your bathroom is one place you really don't want to be an ice box in winter, and yet, with large tiled areas and hard surfaces, this is so often the case. There's nothing worse than stepping out of your nice warm bath or shower into a chilly room with a cold floor. Well, there may be worse things like, say, being charged by a large herd of truent wildebeest or getting a seriously ingrown toenail, but warm shower to cold room and floor is no-one's idea of fun.

However, imagine stepping onto a warm floor in a subtly warmed room, and wrapping yourself in a beautifully toasty towel, and you start to see the advantages in underfloor heating and heated towel rails. These are luxuries that used to be reserved for 5 star hotels, however they are now both efficient and affordable, and have become standard inclusions in quality bathroom renovations. With modern renovations, the bathroom is becoming less just a utility room and more of a private sanctuary, akin to your own day spa. Adding heating to the renovation will complete this picture all year round.

What are the choices?

Bathroomware House has extensive ranges of heated towel rails and under floor heating to choose from. We only stock highly reputable brands, such as Radiant and Thermorail, who manufacture from quality materials to exacting standards and give up to 10 years warranty. All their products are designed to run on the lowest possible wattage, without compromising comfort, and both heated floors and towel rails can be timer controlled so you are only heating when you need to be warm.

Think about materials and ratings

Our heated towel rails are manufactured from 304 stainless steel, are rated up to IPX5 (for installation into wet areas) and come in a great range of finishes to suit any bathroom including polished and brushed stainless, matte black, gunmetal grey and oil rubbed bronze.

Underfloor heating is available for any application including in-slab, under laminate, in screed and under tile installations.

Where to get assistance?

Have a renovation project in planning? What are you waiting for? Click on the Bathroom mega menu up above and see what wonders await. Don't forget that we have experienced bathroom sales staff in all our showrooms who are just itching to help, so come and have a chat!


  • If you're undertaking a major bathroom renovation, you will probably be replacing the floor tiles, this is a perfect time to include under tile or in screed floor heating
  • Do a layout of your bathroom and look at size of rail that can be accommodated
  • Look at your overall bathroom design and consider shape and finish
  • Look at location, do you need a towel rail rated for wet areas?
  • Think about making your heating even more efficient with a timer, you can get one to control both under floor and heated towel rails

Top Renovator Picks

Key Features: Lovely warm towels, huge range of current colours and styles, and great warranties

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Thermogroup 10 Bar Thermorail Matte Black Straight Round Heated Towel Ladder at Bathroom Warehouse

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