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Shower Screens and Panels

Shower Screens and Panels

Shower screens and panels

Stars of the screen. We go into depth about what you need to know before purchasing a shower screen.

Shower screens and panels

Stars of the screen. We go into depth about what you need to know before purchasing a shower screen.

Why do I need a shower screen or panel?

The glass shower screen or shower panel is an unsung hero in any bathroom that includes a shower. There are some bathroom designs that do work without a shower screen or shower panel, however these usually rely on there being enough space to avoid water splashing into areas that are meant to be kept dry. It's not a good look to step out of a long luxurious shower onto a saturated bath mat or to have your beautiful new vanity under water and possibly being damaged. A shower screen can avoid this even in smaller spaces.

What about design?

The days of the heavy mission brown framed wired glass screen or panel are (thankfully) behind us. These days, with modern materials, shower screens, shower panels and bath panels are usually discreet and hardly noticed while they perform their function of protecting other bathroom furniture and keeping the floors dry.

Framed, semi-frameless, or frameless shower screen?

There are three main design categories: fully framed, semi-frameless and frameless. While the fully framed versions do, as the name suggests, have a frame right around each glass element, these frames are minimal and still keep the design modern and light. Semi-frameless have framing around parts of the elements, with doors usually being frameless elements and giving a more open look. Frameless shower screens are, as the name suggests, fully frameless, giving the optimal open look, often almost disappearing, and allowing for other bathroom desigh elements to feature.

Screen or panel?

Glass shower screens usually have a door and fully enclose a wet area. They come in many configurations including basic square or rectangular corner screens, wall to wall screens and "diamond" screens (square with an angled front). Shower panels are usually simply a fixed panel with no door that allow you to walk straight into the shower area. These are great in modern bathrooms as they all but disappear and can be a huge advantage in a care or disabled bathroom as they allow free wheelchair access. If you have a shower over your bath, a bath panel is for you. These come in fixed or swinging versions that fold out of the way when not in use.

What about assistance?

Not sure what you need? We have you covered. Give us a call or come and visit our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane or Adelaide and have a chat with our wonderful friendly and hugely experienced bathroom consultants who are just itching to help you design your new space.

Where can I find inspiration or advice?

Looking for new ideas and inspiration, check out our cunningly named Inspiration and Advice pages (also in the mega menu above) for product advice, an inspiration gallery and a great range of tips, tricks and traps for the newly initiated (or even seasoned) bathroom renovators.


  • Think about where your shower is, or will be, and decide if you need a full screen or if a panel will suffice. A panel, properly placed, can give full protection while still having great access
  • Look at framed, semi-frameless and fully frameless options, which will best suit your look?
  • Do you, or family, friends or guests, have disability needs? This will effect your choice.
  • Do a layout of your bathroom and look at where and what type of screen or panel will best suit. Bring the layout with you when you visit us and our staff can assist with the choice
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