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The Lowdown on Showers

The Lowdown on Showers

The need to know on showers

A modern shower is not only an essential bathroom requirement, it can also make a dramatic and stylish statement in your bathroom.

At Bathroomware House we stock an impressive range of bathroom fittings from leading manufacturers, such as Phoenix and Caroma, to complement all bathroom decors. Whether you opt for a separate enclosure or an over-bath, you can choose from shower arms and heads, rail showers (shower systems on a rail), hand showers, hi-rise showers, wall showers and overhead showers.

Which shower is right for me?

Shower arms can give you the reach you require to any shower head. Designed to maximize comfort level and to perfectly fit your shower set up, these shower arms and heads come in different sizes, styles and configurations.

Ceiling shower arms and rain drop shower arms allow the shower head to be set right above you to give the experience of rain. As a case point, the flush mount ceiling shower flaunts an interesting concept and uses twin jets of water that collide and turn into thousands of tiny droplets simulating the effect of rain drops falling softly on your face and entire body.

Rail showers allow you to transform a standard, single-outlet shower into an unforgettable showering experience. These showers are easy to install and don’t require access or alteration of existing in-wall plumbing. Rail showers offer flexibility of a height adjustable shower and come with a movable handset. Offering sleek, minimalist styling and the choice of different spray patterns, these rail showers offer water savings without compromising performance.

Hand showers are connected to the shower unit wall via a flexible hose or tubing and may be installed using a fixed bracket that is attached on the wall in any position. The hand showers allow for freedom of motion when in use and are also ideal for those with limited mobility or for easier bathing of children or pets. Boasting a sleek, minimalistic design to complement all modern bathrooms, this shower type also makes cleaning the tub, shower, and surrounding a simple task.

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