Choosing the best bathroom shelves

Vanities Sydney bathroom owners want are those that are functional and beautiful. Storage components always make the smallest bathroom complete. A simple shaving cabinet that blends well with your bathroom design can make a ton of difference. You should choose surfaces that are sleek and smooth. These are easy to maintain than those that come with carvings and ridges that collect dust and dirt.

Bathroom shelves like vanities and shaving cabinets should look like furniture, so that they can give your bathroom a modern or eclectic look. Bathroom cabinets are not only there to provide more eye candy. More importantly, they are there because storage is a priority in bathrooms. Bathroom shelves make putting away bathroom essentials easier, without hurting your eyes.

Here are some pointers to consider in choosing the best bathroom shelves:

Consider the furniture appeal

Bathroom cabinets are not ordinary, box-looking elements. They are starting to become more noticeable with their open shelves and legs. They tend to look more like antique-type dressers, which give your bathroom that timeless charm.

Be inspired by hotels

Fancy hotels usually have open shelves, which still store towels and other essentials conveniently. You can place your open shelves above the shower head or at the sides of your vanity. If you have the shelves built into your bathroom wall, they can also be used to show off your artwork and provide even more storage space.

Veer away from conventional styles

You can apply this to the typical medicine cabinet. The humble medicine cabinet is not boring anymore. It has been transformed into a functional compartment, which has deeper spaces and electrical outlets. This allows you to perform tasks safely in your bathroom. A fully equipped shaving cabinet can also benefit the prolific shaver.

Ask your local bathroom design store for more ideas. With the right people, you can have bathroom shelves, such as vanities Sydney residents have always preferred, in your very own bathroom.