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Back To Wall Baths

Freestanding Back to Wall Baths

A Luxurious Statement

Modern back-to-wall baths are shaped to provide a sleek finish to any size bathroom while enabling you to fully recline in comfort. The wider brim allows for the placement of candles or that cheeky glass of wine to bring a spa-like experience to your bath time while also offering the practicality of space to lean against while bathing your children. A back-to-wall freestanding bath really does give you all the benefits — it is luxurious, practical, space-saving and easy to clean. There is not a box that is left unticked by the design of modern back-to-wall baths.

Easy to Maintain

Being fitted against the wall, back-to-wall freestanding baths offer the visual appeal of a freestanding bath with the added convenience of being firmly fitted so you do not have to worry about any potential movement. There are no fiddly spaces to maneuver, so you can clean properly behind your bath as it sits flush with your wall. In Australia, back-to-wall baths will remain an attractive, clean and lavish feature in any bathroom for many years to come, with minimal cleaning effort required. As with our entire bathtub range, we encourage you to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintenance to get the most out of your bath’s lifetime.

Hidden plumbing

A freestanding bath that has its back to the wall gives you the ability to completely hide all the plumbing components while providing the illusion your bath is a full freestanding tub — thus ensuring that your bathroom aesthetics are not impacted by visible pipes. The bathtub waste is an often overlooked feature that can make a big difference, regardless of the style of tub you are installing, be it freestanding, built-in or a spa bath style. Teaming your bathtub with a pop-down waste will not only ensure you avoid costly repairs in the future with the awesome removable cartridge, but it will give your tub a streamlined finish and make your bathing experience more comfortable without an annoying plug digging into you or being accidentally pulled before you are finished.

We are more than happy to help with your choice of finish. With a range of options that varies from a stone bathtub to their porcelain counterparts, the help of an expert can make the decision easier and less stressful for you. Moreover, we can also advise you on other practical considerations, such as the most appropriate bathtub’s size to suit the shape and space available in your bathroom. Feel free to contact us today should you have any questions or require assistance with selecting the ideal bathtub for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a freestanding bath against a wall?

A freestanding bath can be placed anywhere you like. However, if it is against a wall, it is advisable to install a back-to-wall freestanding bath. This will ensure you can clean properly around your tub without any small crevices for water and dirt to become trapped between the bath and the wall and hard to reach corners. A freestanding bath that is back to the wall is also fixed in place, providing a sturdier installation that removes the possibility of movement freestanding baths can have, which could damage the wall or bath given the close proximity. Moreover, plumbing is also more safely protected against accidental movements when you install a back-to-wall bath.

What is a back-to-wall bath?

Modern back-to-wall baths are bathtubs designed to be fitted against a wall while giving the illusion of being freestanding. This design allows for a larger bath to be installed in smaller bathrooms as the available space is better optimised. In Australia, back-to-wall baths are normally fitted along two sides to maximise the bathroom’s corners and remain open on the remaining two sides for ease of access and aesthetic concerns. Most designs allow for a wide lip around the edge that is against the wall — an ideal place to sit smaller items such as children’s bath toys or a few scented candles to really soak up the luxuriousness of a comfortable, deep bath.

Should you tile behind a back-to-wall bath?

You can choose to finish your wall with tiles or any other coverings you like. Tiles are generally the most popular due to splashes of water; however, you may decide to use alternative waterproof wall finishes such as frosted glass or paints suited to areas that get wet. Back-to-wall baths can be fitted against whatever surface finish you have determined for your walls to maintain your bathroom aesthetics. It is recommended to ensure that whatever finish you use is waterproof and sealed to prevent any water from getting in behind it, which could cause problems not immediately easy to detect.

How much is a back-to-wall tub?

The cost depends on the size, style, and finish of the back-to-wall freestanding bath you have decided on. As you browse the bathtubs we have available, you will find pricing clearly indicated on each bath to make your shopping experience as simple, informed and hassle-free as possible. We are always available for any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us at any time for advice or guidance.

Why should I choose a back-to-wall bath?

A freestanding bath that has its back to the wall will add an extra dimension of luxury to your bathroom without taking up precious space. Being fitted to the wall also means it is securely installed while still giving the illusion of being freestanding. Back-to-wall baths are also very easy to keep clean. The installation ensures that there are no fiddly gaps behind the bath, so dirt cannot gather in unreachable areas. Aside from being practical and luxurious, modern back-to-wall baths also look great and elevate the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Are back-to-wall baths popular?

Back-to-wall baths have been a popular choice in Australia for many years due to the versatility they offer within your bathroom design. Many Australians love the opulent features of freestanding baths, however few have enough space in their bathrooms to make them practical. A back-to-wall freestanding bath is the perfect solution. With it, you can have the visual decadence and physical pleasure of a freestanding bath without the need for larger floor space. An added bonus is that back-to-wall baths can be installed with your plumbing completely hidden, enhancing the finished look of your bathroom décor.