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Bathroom Vanities Online

Your bathroom vanity can be the statement piece in your bathroom, so incorporate a made to order design you will love for years to come.

We've put together our top tips on what you need to consider when choosing the perfect vanity.

Wall Hung vs Freestanding

Wall hung vanities give the appearance of more space in your bathroom. Having the free space under the vanity give the illusion of more room. It also leaves a handy spot to keep those bathroom scales or the kids step so you are not tripping over them all the time.

Floor standing or freestanding vanities are an excellent choice if you are wanting a full height vanity or have floor plumbing to hide. They have slightly more storage, the floor standing vanity also gives a clean finish straight to the floor.

You also have the option on some vanities to have legs. This is a classic style and perfect for those looking to for a timeless bathroom design.

Vanity Size

Vanities usually come in standard sizes:

400mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.

Vanity Styles 

There is a huge range of possibilities when it comes to planning your vanity. We have minimalist design which has one drawer that seamlessly runs along the length of the vanity, shaker and hamptons style, real timber vanities for those who like one-off pieces, vanities with built in basins for a seamless look and an extensive range of configuration options for cupboards and drawers.

Some of our vanities have options for customisation, including colour! No vanity has to be the same. There are a range of finishes to choose from for each vanity. Try something different with our textured finishes and then match this with a exquisite stone bench top.  

Single Bowl vs Double Bowl

Single bowls can be centred on the vanity, or offset to one side. If you opt for a larger vanity with the single bowl, it will give you plenty of bench space.

If you have a busy family bathroom, or share the ensuite with your significant other, a double basins is ideal and a great time saver when you are both getting ready at the same time.

Add a Mirror or a Shaving Cabinet

Your vanity will not be complete without a mirror or shaving cabinet to compliment it. This can also creates more storage for you. Mirrors can reflect the natural light in your bathroom and open up the room.

Vanities FAQ

Can I just replace the vanity in my bedroom?

As long as the vanity is tiled under it should not be a problem, you should be able to look at the bottom and see if the tiles run underneath or if it butts up against the vanity, usually there will be grout at the butt.

Can I change from a floor standing to a wall hung?

Vanities are heavy so the wall may need reinforcing to support a wall hang vanity. If you are retiling, this should not be a problem. Also, if the waste outlet runs out through the floor, this will need to be moved backwards and run up through the wall. This is usually not a big issue but you should consult with your plumber before proceeding.

What is best wall hung or free standing?

This is a personal preference, floor standing generally has more storage, if this is what you are after. Wall hung gives the illusion of a much bigger space.

What size vanity can I have, can I go bigger?

Bigger is not always better, just because you have the room to squeeze a bigger vanity in doesn't mean you should. Having some free space between items will give the illusion of a larger bathroom. Squeezing items in, just because they fit, can make the room look tight and small.

Before you start looking, take a few minutes to measure your bathroom and work through the "How to Plan Your Bathroom" article in our Tips, Tricks and Traps section. This will help you gain perspective on what's possible and what will enhance your design.

What space should I have between my vanity and shower screen?

You need to have at least 100mm to be able to get in and clean your shower glass. I have seen the vanity seal up against the glass, please avoid doing this as no matter how well you seal it, it will still get dust and dirt building up. Also having free spaces between items makes the room look bigger.

Is the cutting of the stone included in the cost?

Unless otherwise noted, flat stone vanity tops come without tap or waste holes so they can be customised to fit individual applications. Your tradesman will cut these holes on site when installing.

Do you have any wood grain bathroom vanities?

Absolutely, we have a great range of woodgrain vanities, from the compact and economical Porto powder room vanity to the extensive Oro Vanities, Timberline and ADP ranges.

Can you recommend a really durable bathroom vanity? I want one suitable for an investment property.

There are several Bamboo vanities in our range that are extremely durable. However, if the requirements are durable and economical, there are many ranges of vanities from Oro Vanities that all have fantastic warranties and matching shaving cabinets.

What's more durable, ceramic or stone?

Both ceramic and stone tops are very durable and stain resistant. Ceramic is usually only available in white where engineered stone is available in many colours and styles and lend an air of luxury.