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Boho Beauty

Make it work:

  • More is more – combine different colours, patterns and textures for a layered look
  • Take inspiration from North Africa and the Middle East – think mosaic tiles, coloured glass and bold prints
  • Don’t be afraid to go bold with colour on a feature wall, but balance it out with light or white walls elsewhere
  • Make the most of natural light with big windows or skylights
  • Cool the space with plants and natural materials
  • Textiles make a great BoHo statement, so consider where you can use them – think window dressings, shower curtains, bathmats, towels, wall hangings and cushions

Traps to avoid:

  • Mismatching is part of the BoHo charm, but it can easily look like a mess. Put in all the things you love, then take out what doesn’t work. The room should feel full, but calm
  • Poor ventilation – a bathroom full of fabrics and treasures needs to be kept well aired
  • Faking it – BoHo is all about displaying your personality, so accessorise with things that mean something to you

Boho Beauty