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Built In Baths

Benefits of a Built-In or Inset Bath

Built in baths, otherwise known as drop-in baths or inset baths, are sometimes thought of as the "poor cousin" to the freestanding bath. However, they are anything but. They can be a real feature in the bathroom and are perfect for almost any bathroom design.

You can build them into an island, which sits in a tiled hob away from the wall, or use a four tile flange bath, which is installed right against the wall, with wall tiles running from the edge (flange).

They can fit with any style, from modern to traditional. When choosing a bath, you need to consider the space available and the everyday function or purpose as well as your personal choice on style. The following points may help you decide if a built in bath is the right choice for your bathroom renovation.

Drop in or built in baths can be an excellent choice for families as they are strong and you can decide how much tiled edge you want around them to store bath items or to lean on when bathing toddlers.

Built-in baths can be more compact and easier to fit in a smaller bathroom. They are easy to install plumbing wise and to rectify issues with drainage should a leak occur in the future.

Your imagination is the limit for design, you can use feature tiles, maybe even stone or mosaics, to make your built-in bath look stunning and turning it into a real feature of your new sanctuary. Choosing a large, deeper bath will add a real sense of luxury to your bathing experience.