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Built In Baths

Built In Baths

Built-in baths, otherwise known as drop-in baths or inset baths, are sometimes thought of as the "poor cousin" to the freestanding bath. However, they are anything but. They can be a real feature in the bathroom and are perfect for almost any bathroom design. In fact, modern built-in baths are both versatile from a design perspective and securely installed, preventing any potential movement. These two factors make them ideal for a variety of homes and lifestyles, from a growing family with small kids to a luxurious residence seeking a streamlined and modern design

Benefits of a Built-In or Inset Bath

Built-in baths can be built into an island, which sits in a tiled hob away from the wall, or you can use a four-tile flange bath, installed right against the wall, with wall tiles running from the edge (flange). Built-in baths can be more compact and easier to fit in a smaller bathroom while also having the versatility to enhance a larger bathroom as an aesthetic feature.

Drop-in or built-in baths are an excellent choice for families with kids due to their strength and their tiled surround. This is a nice feature, completely personalisable. It is up to you how much tiled surround you want around them, either to store bath items or to lean on when bathing toddlers. Built-in baths fit with any style, from modern to traditional. Drop-in baths really do tick all the boxes when you consider installation, plumbing and the practicalities of daily use. This is why in Australia, built-in baths are an extremely popular choice for homes all around the country.

Choosing the right bath

When choosing a bathtub, you need to consider the space available and the everyday function or purpose, as well as your personal choice of style. You may need a bath which is predominantly for bathing children, or one that is simply for your enjoyment to relax in after a hard day, or both! Choosing a large, deeper bath will add a real sense of luxury to your bathing experience, while a shallower bath can serve a more practical purpose in daily living. It is a personal decision, given that everyone has their own unique reasons for installing built-in baths. When selecting your bathtub, only you can determine its purpose; however, our team is available to help should you want any advice on space allowances and design.

Design versatility

An inset bath can be built into an island, which sits in a tiled hob away from the wall, or by using a four-tile flange drop-in bath, which is installed right against the wall, with wall tiles running from the edge (flange). The floor design of your bathroom and available space will determine the best method of installation. When it comes to design, your imagination is the limit. You may wish to incorporate feature tiles, or perhaps even stone or mosaics, to make your built-in bath look stunning and turn it into a real feature of your new sanctuary, be it a new build or a renovation. No matter what size your bathroom is, we are confident you will find a bathtub to suit, and that will blend beautifully with your chosen design.

Explore more bathtub options

We understand the importance of having a functional yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom, and perhaps now that you have read more about inset baths, you have realised they are not for you. If that is the case, we encourage you to browse our extensive range of bathtubs to ensure you find the ultimate fit for your needs. In our available collection, you will find luxurious stone bathtubs, modern freestanding baths, practical back-to-wall baths and even spa baths for that extra touch of extravagance. Let’s not forget the all-important bath waste options, whose impact on your bathing experience cannot be underestimated. You truly will find everything you need to create the bathroom of your dreams here at Bathroom Warehouse.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have or to discuss further what the team at Bathroom Warehouse can do to help bring your bathroom up to a standard that makes it a pleasure to indulge in while remaining practical and visually appealing.


What is an inset bath?

An inset bath, also known as a built-in bath or drop-in bath, is a bathtub that is installed within a frame, giving it extra strength and firm fixing in place. Typically, they are installed against a wall either along the side of the bath or at the tap end. However, they are versatile enough to also be built into an island in your bathroom with a surrounding tile edge.

How much is a built-in tub?

In Australia, built-in baths vary in price according to the size and design of the bath you choose, as well as their availability in the country. It should be noted that a drop-in tub can be a cheaper option than many other bath options. For example, when compared to a freestanding bath, built-in baths cost less to install and maintain due to the ease of access to their waste pipes.

What is the difference between an island bath and an inset bath?

An island bath is an inset bath that is installed away from a wall. There are many ways to install built-in baths, such as lengthways against a wall, the tap end against a wall, or within an “island” frame that has a tiled edge around the inset bath. The versatility of built-in tubs enables you to have one anywhere in your bathroom, regardless of wall space.

How high should a built-in bath be?

A standard installation of built-in baths will generally see the floor of the bathtub at approximately the same level as the floor of the bathroom. However, there are no hard and fast rules on which height to install your bath at. You may wish to have it raised with a step up to get in or have it lowered to have floor level access. The height at which you decide to install your bath will be dependent on functional needs, such as if it should be suitable for bathing children, or perhaps someone elderly or physically impaired requires ease of access. You can install your inset bath to the height most appropriate to your needs.

Why choose a built-in bath?

There are many benefits to a drop-in tub as they can be tailored to suit the aesthetics you seek while remaining practical and functional. Built-in baths are installed within a sturdy framework that can be placed against a wall or in the middle of the room. This means that your bath cannot be moved, protecting it from plumbing and tile work damage. Ease of access to the lower recess area of drop-in baths results in lower maintenance costs should you be unfortunate enough to experience a leak or other plumbing issue. Because a built-in bath is installed within a frame, you can decide how wide or thin you wish to have your edges and which type of tiles, stone or marble to use. This gives you complete freedom to create the bathing experience you desire, with sleek, streamlined finishes right through to a wide platform surrounding the bath to place items on or lean against while bathing children.

Are built-in baths popular?

In Australia, built-in baths have been popular for decades, initially due to the ease of cleaning along a solid edge as opposed to under a clawfoot bath. Over the years, their popularity has grown as the added benefits of sturdiness, ease of access for maintenance and flexibility of placement within the bathroom have become well-known. Modern built-in baths have become a staple of many Australian bathroom designs, outlasting many trends and fads. All of these factors have made them a highly popular choice when renovating or creating a new bathroom.