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Caroma Showers

Caroma Showers, for Your Quality Bathroom Renovation

Caroma showers come in a range of on trend styles and colours to suit any bathroom renovation, They are designed right here in Australia and backed by great warranties. 

Choose from our extensive range of shower styles at prices that will suit any budget

Rail Shower

A rail shower is perfect for families where differing heights is an advantage – they feature adjustable shower heads that can slide up and down a vertical rail to suit any height. They are perfect when you don't want to get your hair wet, to avoid a full body shower simply slide the shower head down.

Shower Systems

Shower systems have an overhead shower, perfect for a long, luxurious soak, and a hand held shower that comes in handy for the days you don't want to get your hair wet. They give a complete shower experience giving you the best of both worlds. 

Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads are perfect for the luxurious full-body soak. And surprise, have a look at the WELS rating, our high quality branded rain shower heads have been designed to Australian standards so you can still save water while getting a luxury shower experience.

Rain showers may need to be combined with a hand shower (and mixer diverter) for those days when you just don’t want to get your hair wet.

Wall Showers

Wall shower heads, combined with a fixed or adjustable arm, are fixed directly to the wall as the name suggests. We have an extensive range of styles and shower pattern types to suit your preference.

Hand Held Showers

Hand held shower heads are the perfect compliment to an overhead rain shower or equally as practical on their own. They are easily moved and can be used to wash down your body and hair or even to easily wash down the shower area when cleaning.

All showers sold in Australia must have WELS ratings. They use less water while still giving you a great shower.