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Caroma Wastes & Traps

Caroma Wastes & Traps

Good drainage is necessary in a bathroom and a one size/type fits all solution just doesn't exist. Each area that needs drainage has a different requirement for adequate drainage. The same drainage option that works beautifully in the bathroom sink is simply not right for the shower. The right waste water solution is needed for each.

With the selection of Caroma wastes and traps you find at Bathroom Warehouse, you can get the perfect drainage for each area that also fits your personal preferences.

In the sink or bathtub, you most likely don't want to mess with a separate plug. Pop-up/down waste drains are perfect solutions for sinks and bathtubs. The pop-up waste option is works well for sinks and basins as the plug sits flush when it is sealed and pops up to drain.

The pop-down waste is perfect anywhere but is a must when choosing for a bath. It is recessed when sealed and flush and during draining meaning it never poses a trip hazard. It is also maintained from above, critical for baths.

In the shower, a grate is the best waste option and Bathroom Warehouse offers different sizes and styles to suit your preferences and needs.