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Clark Baths

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    Clark Round Four Tile Flange Shower Bath without overflow 1525mm - Bathroom Warehouse

    Clark Round Bath 1525mm


    Please be advised, this product is currently on backorder  Currently NO EAT for this item Available with or without overflow  Built-in installatio...

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    Clark Round Shower Bath without overflow 1675mm - Bathroom Warehouse
    from Original price $392.00
    Current price $379.00

    Clark Round Bath 1675mm


    Available with or without overflow  1675mm in length  Built-in installation Sanitary grade acrylic Australian designed & engineered Descript...

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Quality Baths From Clark

Clark freestanding and drop-in baths are made for budget conscious renovators.

Here are our stunning bath styles explained.

Free Standing Baths

Make the perfect splash with a free standing bath. These baths have plenty of area around and beneath, making the room look airy and larger than it actually is. Due to their design and style, they don't require a frame to support their structure, making installation easier. A free standing bath is a perfect luxury that can transform your daily ritual into a relaxing retreat that lets you wash away your cares and unwind at the end of a hectic day.

Shower Baths

Shower baths perfect where space is at a premium. Featuring wider widths and more grip where you stand in the base, these baths are ideal for standing and showering.

Steel Baths

Steel baths are renowned for their quality and strength, built to last. Gala and Caroma steel baths are no exception, made  to out last your bathroom, these baths are the ultimate choice. The outside is a seamless rigid steel pressing, strong and durable and will not flex or bend, the shape is permanent with a non-porous, porcelain enamel finish which provides a hygienic, scratch and stain resistant surface.

Drop-in Baths

Drop in baths or inset bath are great for almost any bathroom renovation design. Choose from either an island bath, which sits away from the wall in a tiled hob or a four tile flange bath which is installed right against the wall, with wall tiles covering the edge (tile bead).