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Clark Toilets

Quality Toilets and Toilet Suites by Clark

Clark have a range of value toilet suites available to purchase online with delivered direct to your door, Australia wide.  

Choose from Clark's wide range of impressive toilet styles with prices that will suit any renovation budget.

Things To Know Before Buying a Toilet:

Type of Waste Trap

  1. "S" Trap exits through the floor 
  2. "P" Trap exits out the rear wall
  3. Skew Trap exits out the side wall

Type of Water Inlet

  1. Bottom Inlet enters into the bottom of the cistern, this can be on the left or right hand side. (You will be able to see the inlet hose and the isolation tap will be exposed)
  2. Back Entry enters into the rear of the cistern. (The hose and the isolation tap are hidden under the lid in the cistern)