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Close Coupled Toilets

Close Coupled Toilets

Close Coupled Toilets suites are lower cost alternatives, the cistern bolts directly to the pan, but does not seal completely to the wall, allowing for ease of tricky bottom inlet pipe locations. 

Checkout our tips to look out for when buying a close coupled toilet:

Waste Trap Type

Is it a S trap or P trap. If the waste outlet goes out through the floor than its an S trap. If the outlet is through the wall than its a P trap.

Water Inlet Type

Some are available with two inlet options. Bottom Inlet (BI) enters into the bottom of the cistern (most popular in older homes) and is connected to an isolation tap via a flexible hose or moulded copper pipe, with a Back Entry inlet (BE) the isolation tap is hidden in the cistern and needs to be installed by your plumber to match the cistern location.