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EOFY Sale 2022 - Tapware

Bathroom Warehouse EOFY 2022 Sale - Tapware

Tapware is functional and can also create a design statement in your bathroom. It can help to wrap up the style and efficiency of the bathroom, and completely finish the room off by adding the finishing touch that you’ve been looking for. With dozens of styles to choose from, we’ve got the perfect tap for every taste, every style and most importantly, every budget. We have tapware in every material you can imagine, including, chrome, brass, nad brushed metal. Our range is full of top quality products that will go the distance. There is no better time to update your existing bathroom, or complete your new bathroom than right now with our EOFY sale!

The Bathroom Warehouse EOFY Sale begins on June 1st, 2022 and runs through to June 30th, 2022. We have a HUGE range of products and familiar brands on sale including Caroma, Oliveri, Clark, Decina, Dorf, Fienza, Indigo, Nero, Phoenix, Radiant and Thermogroup.