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Heated Towel Rails

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Heated Towel Rails and Ladders for Bathrooms

Add practicality and luxury to your bathroom with a heated towel rail from Thermogroup, Radiant or Forme. Our range of luxurious heated towel rails are designed to suit any bathroom size or style. Shop online at Bathroom Warehouse


Are heated towel rails any good?

Heated towel rails have a number of practical benefits, each adding to not only your comfort but also keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic for your family over the long term.

Wouldn’t it be good if when you stepped out of that warm shower or bath and into the cold morning air, you could instantly wrap yourself up all cozy and snug in a heated towel? Picture how comfortable you would be and then decide for yourself if a heated towel rail is any good.

But as we mentioned above, a heated towel rail’s benefits actually go further than just making your life more comfortable. They help warm up your bathroom, reducing condensation which can foster a damp surface primed for mould to grow.

Yes, as you can see heated towel racks are an excellent addition to your bathroom.

Do heated towel rails use a lot of electricity?

If you’re concerned about heated towel rails using a lot of energy, then you need not be. Modern electric heated towel rails are actually quite energy-efficient appliances.

To achieve greater energy efficiency, however, it will all come down to how you personally use your heated towel rails. As they’re controlled by an on/off switch in the same way as any other electrical device within your home, how much you save comes down to your habits.

Heated towel rails heat your towel fast, so try only turning it on just as you’re stepping into the shower and then off as soon as you remove your towel to dry yourself.

By taking some responsibility around how you use your heated towel rail, you can lower your electricity usage and ultimately lower the bill you receive at the end of every quarter too.

How do you attach towels to a heated towel rail?

There is a technique that you should follow to most efficiently warm your towels on a heated towel rail.

To best warm your hanging towels, the key is to maximise both airflow and surface area of the towels you have exposed to the heat. This means keeping your towels open and directly exposed to as many rungs on the heated towel rail as you can.

While not always practical when you’re using your heated towel rail to warm or even dry a number of towels in a family bathroom setting, this also means trying not to overcrowd your towel rack.

An alternative towel arrangement would be folding your towels before laying them horizontally across multiple rails. This alternative technique takes advantage of the fact that hot air rises, maximising the rail’s warm focus from below.

What should I look for when buying a heated towel rail?

In a modern Australian household, you should, first of all, confirm that the heated towel rail you’re buying is electric. An older bathroom appliance heating alternative is having your rail attached to gas central heating, but the simplicity and energy efficiency of electrically heated towel rails are definitely the modern way to go.

The next thing you should look out for when buying a freestanding heated towel rail is the shape and design. Square rails maximise the surface area of your towel being heated, but cylindrical, curved rails are popular bathroom designer choices. Finding a design with the right number of rails for your family setup is also imperative.

The trade off between the heating efficiency of your towel rack and how it blends in with your overall bathroom decor is a choice that comes down to personal preference.

Can I leave my towel warmer on?

This is also a question of whether your heated towel rails are safe, and the simple answer is yes. Towel warmers are absolutely safe for you and your family to use.

All heated towel rails found here on the Bathroomware House website are completely safe to leave running, even when you’re not in the room. Each product has been rigorously safety tested and you are at no risk of having your towel or worse your entire bathroom, catch on fire.

The main risk of leaving your towel warmer on is that you’re using electricity that you really don’t need to use. The on/off switch is right there for you to make the call and we recommend switching off the towel warmer when your towels are dry for this reason.

What temperature should a heated towel rail be?

A heated towel rail should operate at a temperature of around 60 degrees celsius.

Heated towel rails should feel very hot when touched as this is the heat that is warming and drying your wet towels when they’re left hanging. Likewise, the heat they emit into the air is going to act as a heater, both warming and drying the air in your bathroom.

While a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius is optimal for your heated towel rail, this is obviously going to vary slightly depending on the air temperature within your bathroom and most significantly whether there’s a wet towel hanging on it or not. For example, having numerous towels, or towels that are folded over each other, are going to insulate the heat and push your towel warmer to a potentially higher temperature.

What is the purpose of a heated towel rail?

Is there a worse feeling than when you first jump out of the bath or shower and that cold air hits your skin? Heated towel rails make this feeling a thing of the past, adding a level of comfort and luxury to your bathroom experience.

No longer will you have to think about reusing a damp, smelly towel or bath mat that you’ve been hanging on a door. A heated towel rail is designed to keep your towels warm, dry and best of all feeling fresh.

The second purpose of a heated towel rail is they also keep your bathroom air dryer. This helps stop the build-up of mould on your walls and ultimately keeps you and your family safe.

If you’re considering adding a heated towel rail to your bathroom, then we have no doubts that you’re going to love them.