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Your bathroom should be hygienic, but it should also be comfortable and relaxing. It's not much fun to shower or bathe in a room that is isn't dry and warm enough. That means that having the right accessories goes a long way toward your comfort as well as toward keeping the bathroom healthy.

Odours and moisture are ever present problems in a bathroom. Odours are not limited to toilet odours and are also caused by the mould and mildew resulting from excessive moisture build up in the entire room from the shower and sink. Mould and mildew are far more than just unsightly and smelly, they can cause health problems, so it is very important to keep them under control.

To combat these problems, installing fans and heaters is a big step towards keeping your bathroom as free of odour and excessive moisture as possible. Bathroom Warehouse has the fans and heaters you need, including combination heater fans, silent odour coltrol and fan heater ranges. You will find just the right solution to your odour and moisture problems here.

Need more information on fan heaters, such as whether you may be required to have an exhaust fan installed? Click on the Product Advice under Inspiration and Advice in our Mega Menu to learn more. Installation of the proper fans and heaters can help to keep your home happier and healthier in the long term.