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Lafeme Gladys Bidet Toilet Seat with Dry Function

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Lafeme electric bidets, bringing luxury to Australia.

With the hygiene revolution in today\u2019s society, and an increasing commitment to health and personal care, electric bidets offer the best solution for complete personal hygiene through the added use of water for this most basic personal wellness routine.

Wellness and comfort. With built-in technology for exceptional personal hygiene, Lafeme provides complete cleaning, care and comfort. Their smart features, ease of use and attractive design will bring ultimate well being and appeal to the bathroom.

Diverse Options Available to buyers. Whatever the layout of your bathroom interior \u2013no matter how much space you have to play with, you will find the ideal electric bidet for your home. We stock electric bidets for your bathroom which attach directly to your toilet seat.

High-quality cleaning and hygiene features. With an electric powered jet, this type of bidet provides superior cleaning functionality, ensuring high levels of health and hygiene time and time again.

Easy Adjustability \u2013 Each electric bidet comes with its own ergonomically designed control. This gives the user the means to adjust the setting of the bidet as and when required, providing a superlative cleaning action. Higher-end models will also feature additional settings and controls.

\u2013 We prohibit the use of harsh abrasive cleansers on any of these products. Harsh cleansers will damage the inner workings of the units.
\u2013 For daily maintenance, use a wet cloth and a soft liquid cleaner.
\u2013 Never use abrasives or cleaners containing acetone"


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