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Laundry Sinks

Laundry Sinks

For the ultimate in luxury finishes choose a quality laundry sink for your new renovation. Make a space that's both beautiful and practical with a Clark, Caroma, Turner Hastings, 1901 or Seima laundry sink that is built into your laundry cabinetry. Either filling a bucket, washing your dog or storing ice for your party, the deep and large footprint of these sinks be ideal. Match your sink with a beautiful laundry tap and don't forget to get matching washing stops.

Stainless Steel Laundry Sinks are durable, practical and last the test of time. Choose from a selection of undermount and overmount options to suit your design style.

Also check out a white ceramic Laundry Sinks are beautiful and durable, perfect for the farmhouse or Hampton's look.