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Oliveri specialises in quality kitchen sinks and bathroomware. They are Australia’s only commercial pressed bowl sink manufacturer and one of this country’s best home-grown success stories. They’ve come a long way from an unassuming suburban factory where their business began way back in 1947. It was at Watkins and Starr, now Oliveri Solutions, a modest domestic metal fabricator in Adelaide, South Australia, that a highly skilled and dedicated team pioneered the deep drawing sink process in Australia. It was the beginning of something extraordinary.

Oliveri's design expertise and commitment to quality continues into bathrooms. They import and distribute a wide range of taps, sinks, water filter systems and bathroom products across nine countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

The vast range and superior design of their sinks and taps are enjoyed by homeowners around the world and the Oliveri name continues to be synonymous with style, quality, reliability and great customer service.

Oliveri Tapware

Oliveri produces several ranges of tapware, from wall mixers to basin towers and pull out spray mixers for the kitchen. Coming in a wide range of designs, Oliveri has the perfect tapware for any modern or contemporary bathroom.

Oliveri Kitchen Sinks

Oliveri's stainless steel sinks are practical and built to last, coming in a range of one and two bowl styles to suit your kitchen needs.

Oliveri Kitchen Accessories

Oliveri offers a large range of kitchen accessories including drainer baskets, chopping boards and basket wastes. These accessories come in a range of colours and are made to perfectly suit Oliveri sinks, but would look fantastic with sinks of many brands.

Oliveri Showers

Oliveri showers come in a wide variety of styles, such as, hand-shower-on-rails, twin shower sets, wall arms, ceiling arms, and high rise showers. Coming in chrome, matte black and brushed nickel, Oliveri showers represent the ideal balance between quality and value for money.

Oliveri Basins and Toilets

Oliveri's bathroom basins and toilets come in several elegant modern ranges, with smooth edges and few gaps for ease of cleaning. The fact that Oliveri's toilets and basins match is the icing on the cake and makes beautifully styling your bathroom all the the more easier.

Oliveri Laundry Sinks

Oliveri's collection of laundry sinks are durable, practical and come in a range of sizes to suit your spacing needs. You can't go wrong with Oliveri laundry tubs.