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Oliveri Kitchen Sinks

Oliveri Kitchen Sinks

Shop Oliveri stainless steel kitchen sinks from the comfort of your home. Oliveri kitchen sinks are practical and built to last, available in a range of one and two bowl styles to suit your kitchen needs.

Single bowl kitchen sinks are perfect for smaller kitchens, kitchenettes and bar sinks. 

Double bowl kitchen sinks are a great option for family kitchens and kitchens without a dishwasher as it allows you to do the washing up on one side and keep the other side free for handwashing and general use. 

Kitchen sinks with drainers give you a great additional space for drying dishes. If you opt for a kitchen sink without drainer, you can always add a removable drainer that fits over the bowl and can be neatly folded into a cupboard when not in use.