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Retro Flair

Make it work:

  • Pick an era and stick to it – 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s are all great for retro inspiration
  • Add modern touches that are sympathetic to the style so it doesn’t just feel like an old room – like a freestanding bath or super sleek towel holders
  • Experiment with colour and don’t be afraid to mix it up – green and pink, blue and yellow, orange and brown
  • Stick to light tints on walls so the colour is not overwhelming and use a few statement pieces in stronger tones
  • Wallpaper or artwork (or both) are great for evoking a bygone era
  • The right tiles are essential – do your homework on the colours and patterns that will work best

Traps to avoid:

  • Mixing incongruous styles – like 70s paisley prints with 50s diner tiles 
  • Being too literal – after all, you don’t actually want a 1950s bathroom! Find clever ways to pay homage to the era with a modern aesthetic
  • Making the room feel closed in. Remember that this is the bathroom, not the living room – so the style needs to be adapted for a smaller space

Retro Flair