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Shower Baths

Shower Bath, the Perfect Solution for Small Bathrooms

When space is at a premium and you still want to fit a bath in your bathroom, consider a shower bath combination. They have wide widths and more grip in the base, these baths are ideal for standing and showering when the shower is installed over the bath. There is a thin lip or bead around the edge which directs any water splash back inside the bath, keeping water off the floor. Check out our range of shower and tapware to compliment your shower bath.

A couple handy tips that we have to help you make a bath and shower combination work in your space:

  • Be sure  to choose your shower bath combo that has an anti-slip base, this will keep it safe to use standing up.
  • Where you can, pick for a stylish glass shower screen rather than a traditional shower curtain, they not only look great but are easier to clean.
  • Remember less is more in a bathroom space. A clean, uncluttered look will make your bathroom seem much bigger then it actually is. Also you can install a recessed niche so shampoo and soaps are readily accessible and not in the way.