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Shower Heads and Arms

Shower Ceiling and Wall Arms 

Have you decided to have a rain shower in your bathroom design?

Ceiling arms are perfect for that resort-style look and come in a range of different sizes from 100mm - 600mm, to accommodate any ceiling height.

Wall shower arms are great retrofit solutions when you used to have a shower on the wall. Wall Shower arms not only come in a range of sizes, but they also come in different shapes, such as straight, upswept, and curved, so you'll be sure to find the right fit for your bathroom. 

Shower Heads 

Your shower heads can be one of the most important things when creating your dream shower, it should have a steady and relaxing flow of water. It should be functional, durable and provide water-saving features without compromising. these are essential factors when you are looking for a shower head. There are a number of different styles, colours, and finishes available.

  • Wall shower head
  • Double shower heads
  • Rain shower heads
  • Hand-held shower heads
  • Round shower head
  • Square or rectangle shower head

Available in a range of colours

Complete your design with shower arms, shower bases, or create an outdoor shower.