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Shower Screens

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A shower screen is a glass panel that works as a barrier between your shower and the rest of the bathroom. It's a permanent fixture that stops water from getting everywhere when you're having a shower. There are many different shapes and sizes.

Standard Shower Screens

Standard frameless shower screens and panels are available in various sizes and configurations. They can enhance your bathroom style and make a big difference to your renovation project. The clean lines and clear glass of a frameless shower screen will open up your bathroom and add a sense of space.

Standard screens are sold on a supply only basis, where the customer accepts full responsibility for the measurements and installation. Bathroomware House strongly recommends professional measuring and installation.

Standard screens are a stylish and economical solution and, by law, they are made of toughened glass for safety. Unlike other types of glass, however, toughened glass cannot be cut. This means there can be some situations where they will not work such as:

  • where walls are not straight or are out of level
  • where floors are uneven or sloping
  • if the bathroom or existing hob, pan or recess does not suit standard sizes
  • if there are tiling irregularities
  • for non-standard configurations.

Should a standard screen not be appropriate for your project, we can talk through the issues and the options available. If you decide to purchase a custom screen, a check measure and installation are included.

Custom Shower Screens

Bathroomware House is committed to the quality of your project and our custom screen suppliers and installers will always recommend the option that will provide the best result for your situation.

Our custom made screens are measured to the millimetre with the glass being cut to size and then toughened to Australian standards. This provides a professional snug fit and minimises water leakage. The quality of hinges and fittings is second to none, leaving a truly impressive and professional result.

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