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Shower Heads, Getting the Perfect Experience

With so many shower options, they are no longer one size fits all. It's never been easier to create your ideal luxurious shower experience to help you unwind after a long day. You can even do this online without going to a showroom, simply measure your existing shower head, pick the style you like and we will deliver it straight from our warehouse to your door, Australia wide! Choose from our extensive range of shower at prices that will suit any budget.

Rail Showers

A rail shower is perfect for families where differing heights is an advantage – they feature adjustable shower heads that can slide up and down a vertical rail to suit any height. They are perfect when you don't want to get your hair wet, to avoid a full body shower simply slide the shower head down.

Shower Systems

Shower systems have an overhead shower, perfect for a long, luxurious soak, and a hand held shower that comes in handy for the days you don't want to get your hair wet. They give a complete shower experience giving you the best of both worlds.

Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads are perfect for the luxurious full-body soak. And surprise, have a look at the WELS rating, our high quality branded rain shower heads have been designed to Australian standards so you can still save water while getting a luxury shower experience.

Rain showers may need to be combined with a hand shower (and mixer diverter) for those days when you just don’t want to get your hair wet.

Wall Showers

Wall shower heads, combined with a fixed or adjustable arm, are fixed directly to the wall as the name suggests. We have an extensive range of styles and shower pattern types to suit your preference.

Hand Held Showers

Hand held shower heads are the perfect compliment to an overhead rain shower or equally as practical on their own. They are easily moved and can be used to wash down your body and hair or even to easily wash down the shower area when cleaning.

All showers sold in Australia must have WELS ratings. They use less water while still giving you a great shower.


Do shower heads fit all showers?

Yes – almost all showers in Australia (and around the world) feature standard-sized piping to attach shower elbows, shower arms, and shower heads together regardless of the shape or size, handheld or fixed.

In Australia, the UK, and many other countries (besides the US), the standard thread size used in showers heads is a half (½)-inch British Standard Pipe (or BSP for short). The US uses “National Pipe Thread” or “NPT” for short, also in the ½ inch size. Despite the different naming conventions, the sizing will be typically the same, which allows specialty bathroom stores such as Bathroomware House to source the best quality shower heads from around Australia and the world.

What are the “best” shower heads?

These days, the “best” shower heads are those which provide an enjoyable shower experience without breaking the water bill budget. Typical shower heads output 9 litres of water per minute, however, there are now shower heads available which are manufactured with water efficiency front of mind. Some manufactures make shower heads which feature reduced output flow rates such as 7.5L per minute all the way down to 5L/m which can save you thousands of litres (and also potentially hundreds of dollars) whilst maintaining your usual showering habits.

Shower heads are required to be rated under the Australian Government Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) for their water efficiency. Shower heads with an output of six to nine litres of water per minute are rated three-stars under WELS.

Can shower heads increase water pressure?

Depending on whether there is an underlying problem with your plumbing or the supply of water to your premises, a new or specialised “low pressure” shower head may provide a solution to reduced water flow in your shower.

An old, clogged-up, mineral-filled shower head or even a damaged hose connected to a handheld shower can cause a decrease in water pressure. A new shower head or replacement hose can potentially solve your low water pressure problems.

Some shower heads are specifically made to boost water pressure in low water pressure areas, apartments, older unit blocks and townhouses and other instances where the water flow is less than ideal.

Do you need a plumber to replace a shower head?

Typically, there is no need to call in a plumber just to replace a simple shower head, as the average joe (or jane) with some standard household tools can replace a shower head, saving time and money. For a simple swap out of an old shower head, no specialised tools are required.

If your shower head is rusty, dirty, or dribbling water, it may be time for a replacement. Some people reach for the phonebook or a quick Google search for “plumbers near me” right away without knowing that replacing a standard shower head does not require the time and skills of a (potentially expensive) professional.

A pair of multigrips (pliers), a trip to the hardware store and you can have a shiny chrome (or matte-coloured, whichever you prefer) shower installed within minutes, ready for your next hot shower with a shiny (or matte) new shower head.

Which is a better round or square shower head?

This is a common question with a surprisingly complex answer. Essentially, there is no “standard” or way to judge what shower head is “better” or “best” as every bathroom is different. Water flow, output, water efficiency, pressure, style and feel are just a few subjective elements.

Ceiling-mounted shower heads typically have the option of coming in a round or square head in a multitude of sizes. Handheld showers typically feature a round head however newer designs are challenging the norm with square or rectangular-shaped shower heads to match the aesthetic of a modern, minimalist bathroom.

Some things to consider such as the design of your bathroom, where a more contemporary or modern design may be better suited to a square shower head in matte black (as an example). A classical bathroom with a historical aesthetic may match with a round shower head in gold-wrapped chrome.

In summary, understand what means most to you in terms of usage and what you want to get out of your showering experience (e.g. a massive torrent of rain-fall style water versus water efficiency), and choose a brand, design and shape from there.

Can you just change a shower head?

Yes – sometimes a shower arm, hose, wall elbow, or wall fitting is perfectly fine and only the head may need replacing. As mentioned above, the fittings for shower heads are generally universal so any shower head should be able to fit as a straight replacement.

What is a shower arm?

A shower arm or an extension of the shower is little more than a pipe fitting that links a showerhead to the wall's water supply. A shower arm extends from the wall and provides more space for a showerhead to be installed.

You can lift or lower the height of your shower head with the aid of a shower handle. If you find your plumbing outlets are uncomfortably too high or too low, this feature can really come in very handy. A shower arm can also enable the install of a rainfall showerhead, without needing to transfer plumbing into the ceiling.

What is the standard size shower arm?

There is no “standard” size or length for shower arms, however, the most common length found in residential homes is 300mm.

The length or size of a shower area can vary greatly, where longer shower arms or curves of differing length can fit shower heads of various shapes and sizes.

How do I unscrew my shower arm?

Modern shower arms manufactured and installed in the last five or so years can be typically unscrewed by hand by turning it anticlockwise (left).

If the shower arm is stuck, use an old piece of cloth or towel to cover the point of contact between the pliers/wrench and shower arm to protect it from the force to be applied. Consider spraying some WD-40 at the shower arm joint (where it connects to the pipe) before using a pair of multigrips (don’t forget to pad the grip with some cloth to avoid damage) to loosen any rust or mineral build-up when attempting to remove a stuck shower arm from the wall.

Are shower arms universal?

Yes – shower arms in Australia typically feature the ½ BSP thread size.

Do all shower arms unscrew?

Yes – all shower arms unscrew with varying difficulty, depending on the age and condition. Newer shower arms can generally be unscrewed by hand. Older shower arms with rust or built-up mineral deposits will be harder to unscrew, but generally not impossible.

How do you seal a shower head arm?

Use plumbers’ tape (also known as Teflon tape) and wrap it around the shower head screw connector three to seven times (enough to seal the screw joint) in the direction which the shower head will be screwed on (usually clockwise).