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Steam Punk

Make it work:

  • This is one style where going dark is mandatory! Go for black tiles and deep green feature walls
  • Exposed copper pipe is the essence of this style – go one step further with a copper toned basin and rose gold tapware
  • Dark, patterned Victorian era wallpaper makes a great statement
  • Accent with dark timber
  • Use pendant lights and exposed bulbs to add drama to the room
  • Mix old and new – try an antique lamp or clock

Traps to avoid:

  • Breaking the rules – exposed pipe may not be allowed by your local council, so check first and fake it if necessary
  • Overdoing the copper – use as little as you need to create a steam punk environment
  • Too much steam punk décor – don’t be afraid that no one will get it if you don’t spell it out. A simple Victorian wall print will do the trick

Steam Punk