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Thermogroup Mirrors

Thermogroup Mirrors

Thermogroup pride themselves in delivering products that last. They only use the very best materials and ensure all products are made to exacting quality standards. The awesome benefits of their mirrors include:

Extensive range of options

Whether your client is looking to add a luxurious touch with a backlit mirror, improve functionality through the addition of a magnified mirror or looking to accommodate for all needs with one large wall mirror, our extensive range is sure to cover all requirements.

Heated mirrors – Yes there is such a thing

Thermomirror is an ultra-thin heating pad that is installed behind a mirror to heat the mirror slightly thus preventing it from fogging up even after a hot shower or bath. This luxury can be brought to all bathrooms as these are not designed to only suit Ablaze mirrors but can be installed behind almost any bathroom mirror.

Reflections that last

All our mirrors are covered by their relative warranties providing you with the peace of mind that your product will last.

The mirror is the center point of your bathroom

It is important to choose a mirror that is going to complement your bathroom as it is the central point of the room. Our range of mirrors provides you with a number of ways that you can achieve this and ensure a stunning bathroom.