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Amazon Back to Wall Tornado Flush Toilet Suite

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  • A modern designer toilet suite with quality R & T cistern internals
  • Tornado flush is a superior flushing system that gives a quieter and more thorough flush every time
  • Quality R&T flush valves
  • Glazed tornado rim and trap for easy cleaning and hygiene control
  • Minimal lines and gaps makes this toilet easy to wipe down with a cloth and keep clean
  • No gaps behind the toilet, means little place for dust and grime to hide
  • Soft closing seat keeps the peace in the middle of the night as the seat gently eases shut
  • Optional S trap pan connection bend available for floor outlet range 180-250mm (ordered separately)


    The stylish Amazon Back to Wall Toilet Suite will be a great addition to your bathroom or powder room. Tornado flush is a superior flushing system that gives a quieter and more thorough flush every time. Soft closing seat.

    WELS & Watermark Certification

    • WELS 4 star rated
    • Dual flush, 4.5/3L (3.3L average flush)
    • WELS Registration Number: L05386
    • All Cee Jay toilet pans, cisterns and components are Watermark Certified

    Find out more about WELS and Watermark certification and the important role they play in helping you choose water-efficient and safe products that are manufactured to strict Australian plumbing and building standards.

    What's In The Box


    Cee Jay tornado pan, made from quality vitreous china. Suitable for both S trap and P trap

    Pan Bend
    Cee Jay S trap pan connection bend with adjustable set-out 80mm - 180mm. 

    Cee Jay vitreous china cistern in white, featuring Quality R&T valves. Includes dual flush buttons in chrome.

    High Quality soft-closing, quick release seat in white

    Pan Outlet Trap Type

    This toilet suite has a Universal Trap, compatible with either an S or P Trap waste outlet.

    Check if your current toilet goes out through the floor (S Trap) or into the wall (P Trap).

    You will need to check the "Set Out" measurement of your trap to make sure it will fit:

    S Trap - Measure the distance between the wall and the centre of the waste outlet in the floor.

    P Trap - Measure the distance between the floor and the centre of the waster outlet in the wall.

    If you have any questions please double check with your plumber/builder or contact us.

    Cistern Inlet Type

    This toilet has a universal Back Entry or Bottom Inlet cistern.

    Back Entry - Your water connects through the back of the cistern. This has proved to be the most popular cistern type as the isolation tap (stop cock) is hidden from view under the cistern lid, giving a cleaner look.

    Bottom Inlet - Your water connects to the bottom of the cistern through either the left or right hand side of the pan. This leaves the isolation tap (stop cock) exposed. This is very common in older homes and allows the greatest plumbing flexibility.

    Please double check this inlet location with your plumber or builder as they will need to confirm your plumbing setup is suitable or it can also be moved to suit the toilet specifications.