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Vanities & Furniture

Through the years, bathroom vanities have changed dramatically.

What began as a basic way to store linens or towels has evolved into an area of the bathroom that is both elegant and functional. This efficient cabinetry is a great way for you to organise your bathroom and to create special areas that can add a splash of beauty.

Whether you’re seeking something that is minimalist white or you’d like to make a statement with premium wood veneers, we’ve got what you need. From birch, maple, oak, or lacquered vanities, you may also choose from a vanity that has unique stylings such as a vanity tower.

We have bathroom vanities with china or solid surface tops to suit a budget, or even with timber or stone tops so that you can match the cabinetry with the style and color of top that you desire for a more upmarket look.

Vanities and vanity tops are a great place to match your need for function, with your desire for an attractive bathroom.