I am entitled to a remedy. Do I get a refund, repair or replacement?

It depends if the problem is:

Major – it can’t be fixed, or would take too long or is too difficult to fix.

You can choose to:

  • return the item and choose a refund or replacement, or
  • keep the item and get compensation for the drop in value.

Minor – it can be fixed within a reasonable time.

You must give the store the chance to fix the problem. They choose whether to refund, repair or replace. If the store chooses to repair the item, it is their responsibility to return it to (and deal with) the manufacturer.

If the store takes too long or refuses to fix the problem, you can:

  • return the item and ask for a refund or replacement, or
  • get someone else to repair the item and ask the store to pay reasonable costs.

Your Shopping Rights Factsheet

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