What problems should Bathroomware House fix?

If it’s faulty

You are entitled to return a faulty item, as goods and services must be of acceptable quality.
An item is faulty if it:

  • does not do what it’s normally supposed to – for example, my toaster doesn’t toast bread
  • has a defect – my toaster’s timer knob fell off soon after I bought it
  • is unacceptable in appearance or finish – my toaster is scratched
  • is unsafe – sparks fly out of my toaster
  • isn’t durable – my toaster broke down only three months after I bought it

You are not entitled to return an item when:

  • the store told you (or displayed a sign) about hidden defects before you bought it
  • you examined the item before buying and didn’t find defects you should have noticed
  • you used the item in an ‘abnormal’ way, or
  • you have used the item for a very long time. 

Your Shopping Rights Factsheet

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