Delightful bathroom ideas

Delightful bathroom ideas

When you're after giving your bathroom a makeover, you're either going to try and keep it simple or you're going to want to go big. Going big can mean changing just about everything that was originally in the bathroom, to begin with, while keeping it simple can mean changing a few key elements. Some of these key elements can be the shower, the toilet, or even just adding a spectacular vanity and basin to your space.

Nothing says "delightful" like a splash of color and some satin finish tapware. Many homeowners in the Canberra area are finding the simple black and white bathrooms bland and lacking in style. After all, if you're going to remodel your bathroom or even change the paint and shower, why settle for the same old boring "style"?

If you're looking for something stylish yet soothing, you should definitely look into a Santa Fe style bathroom. The style design is gentle and it doesn't rush you into the deep end of the color pool. This design is not only gentle and soothing, but it's also easy to manage and accomplish. Soft beiges and dark wood or stone with a satin or stone basin above the vanity can really bring out the beauty of your bathroom. With this design, just about any toilet or shower that you're preferable to will work.

If you're looking for something that really pops for your bathroom, why not go for some great tile ideas with either a Tuscan Villa design or a design that plays on an Aztec feel. These ideas can give you great color scheme to work with; especially if you love to use jewel tones in your designs.

For a gorgeous and natural look, incorporating stone and wood into your bathroom design can allow you to bring nature into your home on a gentle or even grand scale. Cascade those vining plants down your walls and create a relaxing oasis will give you a perfect excuse to spend hours in the tub washing away a stress filled day.