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The Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are often the most neglected room in the house. If you are planning to remodel your laundry room and wish to get the maximum output from this space, then read on for some options on creating the perfect utilitarian space.

Laundry Sinks

While choosing a sink for your laundry room, you should first decide what you will use it for. If you don't require a large laundry tub, you can opt for a sink that allows you to hand-wash laundry items. Sinks are available in ceramic and stainless steel finishes to suit different tastes. You can also choose between rectangular, square and round shaped sinks as well as a single or double sink, depending on your need. These sinks are luxuriously spacious, flaunt an understated elegant design, and are easy to clean.

Laundry Basins

The laboratory basin is a popular option that can be used both undercounter or overcounter. Designed with a simple style, the large basin approves to Australian Standards. Then there is a cleaner's basin which suits commercial purposes. The laundry basins are usually made of ceramic and are available with and without a taphole.

Laundry Units

Add a touch of class by adding a laundry unit to your laundry room. Elegant, stylish and contemporary, the fabulous pre-made gloss ceramic laundry units are highly popular with customers because of its finish and the utility it offers. The unit adds a designer touch and can be complemented with designer baskets and other accessories.

Laundry Tubs

If you're remodelling rather than completing a full renovation, then you may be looking at replacing your old laundry tub for a more useful, elegant and manageable one. There are various tubs available in the market. Tub designs cater for all laundry rooms so whether your concern is style, budget or both, you can choose from a range of designs in ceramic and steel. The basins are made from high quality materials that will last you for years to come.


The tapware is as important as the sinks and basins. The tapware range is suitable for all styles. Combining contemporary styling with function and durability, the beautifully crafted range is available in wide selection of finishes. The tapware has all the angles that are required to look fantastic in any laundry room or bathroom.

These tubs, basins and sinks help to keep your laundry room uncluttered and increase your storage space. For added effect, you can also make room for plants or a portable CD player, to make the best of the time you spend in the laundry room.

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