The lowdown on drainage

At the core of a great shower is a great shower drain. But which grate is the right one for your shower? The answer is simple: the best drain is the one that matches the look of your bathroom and also scores high on functionality.

When it comes to choice of drainage, the sky is the limit and so when it comes to choosing a drainage type for your bathroom, it all depends on what is right for you. Drains do more than simply look pretty – the good ones are those that deliver both style and function.

While choosing a drainage type for your bathroom, make sure they are Australian standard approved and come with a warranty. Most manufacturers offer a warranty, sometimes of five years, subject to some conditions.

Here are some shower drain types that you can choose from. These higher-flow-rate grates can handle much more water flow and don't sacrifice on style at all.

Linear Grates

Linear shower grates are relatively new fashion in floor grates. They are a long grate system that run the length or width of your shower. Made of stainless steel, these grates are one of the strongest and most robust grates available in the market. They are also simple to clean and easy to maintain.

Apart from its sleek look, it also scores well on utility and hides up to 80% of dirt and debris compared to other standard grates.

Linear floor grates are available in standard sizes or can be custom made to fit your shower.

Floor Grates

The more traditional square or round floor grates, that are most commonly found in bathrooms, are now available in a variety of options. From the Classic round or square, which offers unparalleled decorating freedom, to the more decorative Federation or Plait, which can complement other features within your bathroom.

These floor grates are made of stainless steel or DZR brass and are available in satin chrome, gold plated or polished brass finishes.

Tile Insert Grates

The latest styling in shower grates, the tile insert grate blends seamlessly with your bathroom tiles. As the name suggests, the design uses your tiles so it is more or less invisible. These grates are available as either linear or standard floor options.

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