Radiant Under-tile Mats for Bathrooms and Living Areas

Radiant Under-tile Mats for Bathrooms and Living Areas

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DIY Floor Heating Kits
DIY Floor Heating kits are a great option if you are renovating a bathroom or a room which is going to be tiled or screeded(see Related Products below). This option will save you the installation costs and using our detailed instructions you will have this installed in no time.

Under Tile Floor Heating Kit
Our under tile floor heating kit is perfect for putting floor heating under tiles, where the floor cannot be screeded. The cable mat is installed on the base surface and is then covered with the tile adhesive and tiles. The thin 3mm cables means that the tiler only has to use a little bit of extra adhesive. The mats are 500mm wide and are easily installed by cutting the matting (NOT THE CABLE) and snaking the mat backwards and forwards filling in the area to be heated.

Planning A DIY Installation
When calculating the size of the mat you require for your project, you need to calculate ONLY THE FREE FLOOR SPACE in the room you are heating. For example in a bathroom you would generally exclude the toilet, bath, shower and vanity unit. Also when planning your installation bear in mind that the cable mat is 500mm wide (1000mm for larger in-screed mats) so when planning how you will layout the mat, work in 500mm strips.

Floor Heating Installation Kit Includes:
  • Floor Heating Cable(attached to an adhesive mat)
  • Digital Touchscreen Thermostat
  • Floor Heating Sensor
  • Cable Alarm
  • High Tack Woven Cloth Tape
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • 10-Year Warranty

Note:The Radiant thermostat is rated at 16 amps which has the capacity to control up to 23sqm of heating mats. If you want to heat an area larger than the largest kit size shown (23sqm) you either need to order 2 kits with 2 thermostat OR you will need to get your electrician to wire the system via a suitable contractor at the mains board in order to switch the loan on & off. Please contact your nearest Bathroomware House showroom or Radiant Heating technical department if you require any further advice.