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Baths FAQ

Is a pressed steel bath suitable for a family with children?

Absolutely, our steel baths are manufactured from the highest guage 3.5mm porcelain on steel, ensuring great hygene properties, scratch resistance, sound deadening and heat retention. Most come with a 30 year warranty.

Acrylic is also a great option for children as modern materials and manufacturing methods produce very high quality products with greatly improved heat retention. Most of these come with a 15 year warranty.

Whichever way you decide to go, Bathroomware House strongly recommends the use of pop-down wastes with any bath, read more about why in our Product Advice section.

Do you have a bath suitable to have a bath screen installed on it?

Yes, though not all baths are suitable. Bath screens and panels are designed to sit on the long side of a rectangular bath, so will often not work on oval or round baths. The bath must also accommodate the seal at the bottom of the screen to avoid leaking onto the bathroom floor.

One popular choice of bath to use with a bath screen would be the Monterosso, which also comes with a 25 year warranty.

I have some chips on my pressed steel bath. Can this be repaired?

Yes, there are bath repair kits available. However, if your bath is old it might be better to simply replace it as the repair kits do not guarantee perfect results.

Is an acrylic bath durable? Does it retain heat well?

Modern quality acrylic baths are both durable and have excellent heat retention. They also often come with excellent 15 year warranties.

Of course, like any other item, they can incur damage in the form of scratching. However, the material is the same colour throughout so minor scratches are frequently not very noticeable.

How many litres will the bath hold?

This depends on the individual bath. The capacity is listed in the specs for each bath.

Are the stone products man made or natural?

They are man made which gives the look and feel of a natural product with the confidence of a 10 year warranty. Cast Stone Solid Surfacing is a unique blend of high quality resins and limestone with a matt finish that will stay as flawless as the day it first graced your home.

Do I need to consider weight when buying a stone bath?

Absolutely, when you add the weight of a stone bath, a couple of people and water, it's usually well over 500kgs. Bathroomware House recommends seeking advice from your builder or trades before purchasing.

I would like to upgrade a bath/spa in my house. Which one is best for water saving?

The size of your bath or spa, along with how much it's filled, dictates how much water it will use. If water saving is important, limit the amount of water put in the bath and how often it's filled.

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