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General FAQ

Where are the products made?

Our items are manufactured all around the world by quality manufacturers that we have dealt with for many years. Global distribution can often lead to country of origin changing depending on what will provide the best quality and value. If known, there will be a country flag on the item

What is the quality of the products?

All our products are excellent quality and represent great value. This is held out by the manufacturers' warranties which are frequently 10 - 15 years and up to 25 years to lifetime.

Do you have everything on display or in stock?

We don't. However we do have examples of each type of product from each manufacturer, along with samples of all product materials, in our showrooms to allow you to touch and feel and make an informed decision with confidence.

I thought that you would have more on display since you are a warehouse?

Our Display Centres are in place as an extension of our online experience to allow customers the opportunity to look, touch and feel and to have confidence in the products they are purchasing.

Still have questions?

Ph: 02 9555 2284