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Laundry FAQ

Am I able to install a laundry sink into my existing benchtop? Or do I need to get a laundry cabinet?

This depends on the sink that you are replacing and what kind of cut out you have. If you are looking to fit a sink that is larger than your existing one, it is possible that, if you enlarge the existing cut out, you could keep the existing countertop. Every situation is different so Bathroomware House recommends you consult with your cabinet maker before purchasing the new sink.

Laundry cabinets can be a simple solution to this problem as the trough is already in the cabinet and the unit is ready to go.

Are laundry tubs only available in one standard size?

Laundry tubs come in many different sizes and shapes and with a host of options. The standard is a 45 litre rectangular tub, but there are plenty of larger and smaller tubs available. Have a browse in our Laundry area (follow the Laundry link in the Mega Menu above).

What type of laundry products does Bathroomware House stock?

Bathroomware House stocks a range of high quality and great value laundry tapware, sinks, tubs and units. Have a look at "More info on laundries" in Product Advice for further information.

Still have questions?

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