Pop-up vs Pop-down Wastes

When purchasing your bath or basin, it’s important to consider the function and aesthetics of the waste outlet. Wastes are available in various configurations and finishes, each with different qualities and intended uses. Pop-up and pop-down wastes are the two most popular choices, but which one to choose?

Bathroomware House recommends:

  • pop-down wastes for all bath installations
  • pop-up or pop-down wastes for basin installations.

Pop-Up Wastes
Pop-Up wastes sit flush when they are in the sealed position

and proud when in the open or draining position.

The “plug” is screwed on to a plunger mechanism that is built into the centre of the outlet. The plug is actuated by pressing on the centre, engaging a ratchet mechanism to seal the plug or releasing to drain. When bathing, particularly for small children, a wayward step can easily open the plug. Open pop-up wastes can also pose a tripping hazard.

Bath wastes encounter a variety of materials - hair, bath toys, jewellery etc - and the waste and plunger mechanism are therefore more prone to clogging and fouling. When clearing blockages and/or retrieving items, accessibility is more limited in a pop-up waste due to the fixed plunger mechanism in the centre of the waste outlet. If the waste ever needs to be replaced, access is required to both inside and underneath the vessel. This is commonly possible in a basin, but rarely in a bath.

Pop-Down Wastes
Pop-Down wastes sit recessed when in the sealed position

and flush when in the open or draining position.

The “plug” is screwed to a plunger mechanism that is part of a removable cartridge. The entire cartridge comes out for easy cleaning, removal of blockages or replacement. The fact that the plug is recessed when sealed and never proud also removes the unintended opening and tripping issues.