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Contractor Float Glass Range Mirrors

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  • Silver mirror on Clear, Silver Slump or Grey Border
  • Material: 5mm Glass and 4mm Mirror
  • 25mm Bevel Edge
  • Imported Glass
  • Landscape or Portrait Orientation
  • Metal Mounting Hangers 


The Ablaze BSSFL03 & BSSFL05 Contractor Silver Float Glass Mirrors features a 4mm silver mirror with a 5mm silver slump glass border adding a touch of flare and difference to your design. Comes in two different sizes.

BCLFL03 Contractor Clear Float Mirror comes features a 4mm silver mirror with a 5mm clear float glass border. This mirror is 750x900mm.

The Ablaze BGLFL03 Contractor Grey Float Mirror features a 4mm silver mirror with a 5mm grey/brown float glass border.  This mirror is 750x900mm.

Mirrors come with metal hangers on the back and is designed so it can be mounted to the wall both portrait or landscape to help you achieve your design.


What's In The Box

1 x Mirror
1 x Mounting Kits
1 x Installation Instructions